Exposed Stud Garages

What is the EZStudRack Storage System?





Video: $20 Package- Installation & Tips


Here is an installation video for exposed studs. I take a $20 package and install it while giving installation tips.


What causes clutter?

Exposed Stud Garages 1

When you have fixed shelves that are WIDE and DEEP, they attract clutter.


EZStudRack Shelving System!

Exposed Stud Garages 1

INFO: 56 EZStudRacks (7 Packages) were used to create this Organized Exposed Stud Garage. ONE ROW DEEP STORAGE helps you easily see what you have. Click to see larger picture.

EZStudRack Shelving System-

Everything has its own place

Exposed Stud Garages 1

56 EZStudRacks (7 Packages) were used to organize this section. Customer comment: “I tackled another wall in the garage…I am pleased with the way the wall turned out, and the best part about the EZStudRack storage system is that now it will stay this way, since everything has its own place.”


Fixed Metal Shelves cause clutter

Exposed Stud Garages 1

As you can see, metal shelving like these have fixed shelves that are WIDE and DEEP. You tend to pile items to fill them up. There is a lot of wasted space between each shelf. They take up valuable floor space. The EZStudRack shelving system helps eliminate the clutter, eliminate the wasted space and helps you GET ORGANIZED!

Next Project to get organized

Exposed Stud Garages 1

Here is another example of a cluttered fixed shelf. Another set of 56 EZStudRacks were ordered to organized the other half of the garage.

Custom Shelving 

Exposed Stud Garages 1

Remember, you can use 1×4’s, 1×6’s, 1×8’s, etc. to create custom storage. One Row DEEP Storage Helps you GET Organized and STAY Organized! Click to enlarge.


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