Corner Pantries

Corner Pantries

Select Video to see a quick Corner Pantry Demonstration

This animation shows a quick demonstration of how you can convert your corner pantry.

Helpful Corner Pantry Drawings

Want to see some Corner Pantry example drawings? Use these to help you get an idea of various items you will need to convert your Corner Pantry (new window will open).

Example Corner Pantry Drawing 1 Example Corner Pantry Drawing 2

Corner Pantry Before and After Video

This corner pantry required 84 EZStudRacks (10.5 Packages). The pantry had fixed shelves that were removed and replaced with the EZStudRack Shelving System. Refer to “Example Corner Pantry Drawing 2” above for more details on this conversion.

Corner Pantry Snap Shots

Take a look at this video of a corner pantry conversion. As it moves around, imagine your items on the shelves.

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