Our History

Since 1998, inventor Eugenio Segovia Jr. has been developing innovative products for a wide area of industries and is currently listed on over 14 U.S. patents. He came up with the home organization product EZStudRack after years of frustration dealing with “fixed” shelves that wasted a lot of space.

Introducing the EZ Studrack

Not knowing what your storage needs are, or how they might change over time, makes it hard to install the shelves without wasting space. We solved the problem with the invention of the EZStudRack. A simple innovative home organization product that is easy to install. Taking advantage of the space between the studs is great. If you have bigger items, just replace your 1×4 with a 1×6, 1×8, 1×10, or any size shelf cut out of 3/4 inch plywood!

A Word From Our Founder

"I could not find a product to take advantage of the area between the studs in my storage unit. I had ‘fixed’ shelves and put as much product on these shelves as possible. I got really frustrated having to dig my way through cans of paint to find the right one or I would stack items on top of each other because it was too inconvenient to drive to the hardware store and buy more ‘fixed’ shelf supplies."

Intallation Help

Intallation Help

Need help with your install? We have the video and documentation to help you through your project.


We had these several years ago in our unfinished garage. So easy to make shelves between studs. Just move the board to adjust the height. This time I was making a cabinet and wanted to have adjustable shelves. I found these again and they work perfectly! The one inch shelve board fits perfectly! I can adjust the height as needed depending upon what I’m storing. They are easy to install and very sturdy. Highly recommend.

Rochelle J

Love that I can put them anywhere that there are bare studs. I broke into the kitchen wall, painted, added pine boards to the studs for a finished look, installed the EZ stud rack and VIOLA!, I now have a spice shelf that is out of the way. Easy, Peazy. Thanks.


Wonderful, ingenious design fits between any garage studs. So easy to cut shelves to fit! I absolutely love these very reasonably priced shelf brackets. They have changed my garage completely. It is now so organized and neat!

Heidi J

Easy to install, sturdiness, good quality but a little to expensive for the product, especially if you need 4 or 5 sets!

David E