DIY Shed Conversions

What causes clutter?

Typical Shed Type Shelving

Does your shed have fixed shelving? Do you have shelving that you constantly have to dig to find items? Does it look cluttered like the picture above?

One $20 Package of EZStudRacks

Eight EZStudRacks were initially installed. Notice the same items were organized as compared to the cluttered items found in the previous picture.

You can install any size shelf.

You can use 1×4’s, 1×6’s, 1×8’s… or any size 3/4 inch plywood.

EZStudRacks are easy to install. It’s easy to GET organized and STAY organized. Clutter causes STRESS! Relieve STRESS with the EZStudRack System and ONE ROW DEEP storage!

Shelving Depth Variations

One Row Deep Storage is the key to staying organized. Once you use an item, you put it back in the same spot.

Items Change With Time

As your items change, you can easily adjust your shelving with the EZStudRack shelving sytem.

Ready to Order?

Ready to Order?