Installation Help

View EZStudRack Installation Instructions and Videos below. 

Your New Garage Makeover

Throw away those bulky shelves that always get cluttered. Get your garage back and keep it that way.

Shipping Container Template

Do you need storage inside shipping container? Shipping container storage racks are bulky and take up a lot of space. Take advantage of the ENTIRE WALL as storage in your shipping container.

EZ StudRack Demo

Learn how the E-Z Stud Rack Patented Storage System helps you get organized and STAY organized. Traditional shelving systems are large. Large shelves ALWAYS lead to clutter. You constantly have to dig for items and they never go back in the same location. The EZStudRack lets you create one row deep storage shelves that are easily adjustable without tools.

Framed Wall Calculator!

The ultimate garage wall storage takes advantage of unutilized wall space. This Calculation Sheet makes it super easy.


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